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Mystery of the Loving Christian – SOLVED!

I am cracking up, you guys, and I just had to post an update to my “Mystery of the Loving Christian” post.

I should reiterate that I initially wrote that post about a year ago and I’ve been blocked for at least a good six months or so.

So when “X” happened to respond to a Twitter thread today between my dear friends, @Playdoughpoem and @Vanromon, and me, right after I published that post, I had to think it was destined by the Flying Spaghetti Monster (sauce be upon him!)

Of course, tweeting from behind a block is exceedingly dishonest. I just laughed and asked the others to untag me a few times since I was blocked. Monica (@Vanromon) asked to be untagged as well and told X to block her also. His response?


Doesn’t anyone else find this creepy?? I think I was pretty generous in my original post and giving him the benefit of the doubt that I believed he might be sincerely expressing the Christian “love” he was taught to. Now that I can prove he’s a liar, I don’t believe this any longer.


“William” (of course not his real name either) is using a lot of words here, that either I don’t think he understands, or he is being intentionally dishonest. Due to his past behavior, I’m inclined to think it’s the latter.

Let’s play “Interpreting Dishonest Christianspeak”:

“Fighting for you” = trying to force you to believe the same as I do.
“Loving you” = saying ‘I love you’ as a method of emotional manipulation.
“Unconditionally” = until I figure out that you will not be convinced, and I do block you even though I said I wouldn’t.

So there you have it. I have to admit the exchange pretty much made my day. I love waking up laughing.

Note: When I originally wrote my “Loving Christian” post, I respectfully did not post X’s name or Twitter handle as we were still pretty friendly. Now that he has declared my conscience “seared” (i.e. called me morally decrepit and repugnant), blocked me, and continues to use manipulative tactics towards friends, I don’t see the need to spare his name or Twitter handle since everything is public anyway. That said, I’m in no way encouraging anyone to harass or dog pile him. Thanks!


23 thoughts on “Mystery of the Loving Christian – SOLVED!

  1. Oh! I was way off on this guy. “I won’t block you… I love you.” is like the kind of thing I imagine serial killers saying when their victims ask to be let go. “Why would I do that, when I’m so close to making you mine forever? Besides, I’ve got this stew going and your toes look just delicious.”

    I think it’s the ellipsis that ramps up the creep factor.

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  2. One sided block tweeting is far more common than you’d think, and while I’m in no way attributing it’s use solely to theists …every instance of it I’ve ever personally encountered has been with someone claiming to be on the side of God. (In too many of those with a “#WhiteGenocide” hashtag attached …again, my experiences)

    It’s like getting smacked in the back of the head only to turn in time to see someone jump into a manhole and close the lid.

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  3. I blocked him many moons ago.. Reminds me of the raincoat men in the park your family warn you never to approach 😁😁😁😁

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  4. Yeah, I think I’d be much better off without encountering his idea of ‘love’ thank you very much!

    “….it puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again…”

    Careful Clarice, Buffalo Bill wants you to know just how much he loves you! I can almost hear the lambs screaming on their way to the slaughterhouse….




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  5. I’m quite surprised I hadn’t blocked him already. I’ve since corrected that. A quick look at his T/L tells the story. It has ALL the red flags I check for.
    “Hitler was an atheist”
    “Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts on the black market”
    “Witless accounts of things in the bible”
    “2ooo prophecies fulfilled”
    and my personal favorite>>>
    “You can READ the Bible all day and not really understand what you’re reading.”
    How convenient for the bible fraudsters and scheming religionists who don’t like explaining all the troublesome sh*t in the bible.


      1. Ten years ago, I might have felt the same way. I’m at a point now in my thinking that twitter doesn’t really represent the “marketplace of ideas” beyond those who’ve already made up their mind one way or another. There might be some fence sitters, but they’re not the ones posting to atheism. I just don’t have the energy for dimwits and poes. πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi Nancy,
    I subscribed to your blog by way of PNF’s instructions. I either missed how to get the password (to get to his protected posts), or he didn’t give further instructions. . could you pass that along? Thanks!
    I am following your blog as well, though! πŸ™‚
    You might be interested to know that a number of us are engaged with a type much the same as ‘William’ – they’re all over the internet. And, no, they most certainly do not love you, although they use the word as if it’s a magic one — kinda like their ‘leader’ who claims to love them by saying, “Love me OR ELSE”.
    Nice to meet you!

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      1. My address would be in your stats – I don’t do Twitter, sorry. I think I remember, now, that it’s something spelled backwards, but be damned if I can remember what word! Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve got a cranky two-year-old on my lap so I’m a little distracted. . . πŸ™‚


      2. Whatever day last week that John instructed – but shouldn’t my address have appeared when you ‘allowed’ my comment? (If you’re WordPress, that’s how mine appear)


  7. i love your blog and i am so glad i found it. but i found it through pnf and now i need a password to see his posts? how does one get a password?


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