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Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Loving Christian

Recently, I’ve had some interactions with a fairly respectful Christian on Twitter. Let’s call him “X”. While X and I disagree on most things, we keep it respectful and even playful at times. I don’t consider him a friend, really, because our interactions have not moved beyond religious discussions and his interactions sometimes make me feel he is dishonest. Think William Lane Craig – super nice outwardly, kinda slimy underneath. Or Sye Ten Bruggencate – seething anger simmering just below the surface.

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Check Out My Guest Post!

A while ago, I wrote my very first blog post as a guest post for Godless Mom (here) and continuing onto Cyber Atheist’s page (here). It was an absolute honor to collaborate with these two and I’ve gotten tons of great feedback on it.

Please check out “6 Arguments Atheists Need To Stop Using” and let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂